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In our suggestion today, we're researching the differences between introverts and extroverts, and how these two temperaments affect communication options. Where are you on the scale of extroversion and introversion? Are you far to one side, or another, or marginally in the center? I am an introvert. And Tatiana is an extrovert. Probably one reason we work so well together. We bring both kinds of energy to every project that we handle. I have a profound introspection and thoughtfulness. She's a seize the day, make it happen attitude. It is a dynamic package. But in addition, it means we have had to learn how to flex our communication styles to operate together efficiently. Here are a couple quick tips for you on how to best push from your typical communication repertoire and provide your teammates more of what they require. Let us begin with extroverts, like Tatiana, who are working with introverts. First tip: give your introvert teammates detailed agendas before meetings. Perhaps even more than an agenda. Invite them to come to the meeting ready to comment on particular topics. Introverts always do better if they have had solitary processing period. Tatiana and I have learned that if we've brainstorming meetings, we have to re-visit those subjects after I have a chance to sleep on it. My very best thinking is very likely to come after the first discussion. 

Second tip: get to know your introverted teammates one on one. Introverts, contrary to a few of the myths about them, aren't anti-social. They simply prefer to interact in pairs or very small groups. So instead of always suggesting that the whole workplace go to lunch, invite only your introverted teammate occasionally. Now, introverts. To better communicate with the extroverts in your own life, respect your extroverted peers procedure by talking. Go out of your way to engage them. Ask them open ended questions and allow them to talk out loud. Do not assume that everything they states exactly what they mean, or that you have to Acton what they say. Understand that an extrovert verbalizes her ideas to get clarity, in precisely the exact same way that you may sit quietly and ponder or compose your ideas to obtain clarity. Second trick is to schedule time on your calendar, daily to go see with extroverted teammates. Socializing might not be a natural part of your psychological need, but it's for the extrovert. Honour that need for relationship and make it a tradition. These are simply a few hints to get you started. The main step would be to ask your coworkers what sort of working environment and fulfilling settings help them work best and discuss your own needs also. Extroverts and introverts. We can make strong teammates, once we learn to flex or own communication style. Only a little bit.

Let us fast forward and see what success looks like for Tatiana's team, three months afterwards. - So, I have to confess, I was exhausted by the notion of this change in addition to everything else happening. However, Tatiana, she saw where I was coming from, and she spent as much time as I wanted, getting me up to speed. And in the long run, I feel like we worked it out, and I finally feel like I have it all figured out, for now. - Tatiana spoke to me and it was great timing, since I had heard rumblings about the new system, which I could not quite understand at first. Having a opportunity to provide comments was a game changer for me. And I truly feel that we are all better off with how it turned out. - My main stress was my take home pay to be fair. To maintain my bonus, I needed to be collaborative and work with other people who I have never spoken to. I was probably the worst sceptic on this, but using this new system, I feel like we have a much better working team. I wouldn't have figured that this 3 months ago, but I think things are working out well today.

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